When is your next meetup?

Visit our Meetup page to find out when our next meetup is. If there isn't one scheduled, send us some kind words of encouragement.

How often are your meetups?

We're still experimenting to figure out how we can help the most people, so we don't have a regular meetup schedule just yet. We try to have two a month.

How can I help?

So kind of you to ask! Flatmate Meetup is run entirely by volunteers just like you, so if you're willing to help out, just let us know! Volunteering for Flatmate Meetup is extremely rewarding. You'll meet tons of people while helping them out, and if you're looking for roommates, there's no better way to put yourself in the front of people's minds.

Why don't you have a Meetup at "X" time at "Y" place on "Z" day?

Thanks for the suggestion. These suggestions help us schedule our meetups, and the date, time and locations, we choose are based upon suggestions like these. If you are really set on having a meetup at a certain time, place, or location, you're welcome to volunteer with us and run a meetup yourself!

I don't need a roommate anymore. Stop sending me e-mails

First of all, congratulations on finding a place! Flatmate Meetup is currently run through the Meetup.com site, so your e-mail preferences are completely under your own control. To leave the Flatmate Meetup Meetup group (and stop receiving e-mails), log in to Meetup.com, go to the "Membership and Communications" tab on your account page, and click the "Leave this group" link next to Flatmate Meetup.

I am looking for XYZ, can you help me out?

It's great to get these questions because it gives us an idea of what people are looking for, and how best to help them, but for the time being, the simple answer is "nope." The Flatmate Meetup team is currently busy organizing meetups, and doesn't provide housing placement services.

How many "havers" are there going to be at this event?

It's tough to tell. At this point, the "needers" normally outnumber the "havers" about 15 to 1. Sometimes the ratio is much more favorable, and there may be no "havers" at all. We're always working on trying to get more "havers" at our events, but you can help out by inviting the ones you are interested in to come to an event. Naturally, Flatmate Meetup attendees have had the best luck teaming up with other attendees and making a home of their own.

I'm looking for a roommate in East Bay/South Bay/etc.. Should I come to a Meetup?

We do hope to hold meetups outside of San Francisco in the near future. For best results, look at the title of the particular event you are going to: if it's called "San Francisco Flatmate Meetup," then probably most of the people at that event will be looking in San Francisco.

Hey, you still haven't answered my question!

Alright then, send us an e-mail and we'll try our darnedest to help you.

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